Two Dogs In Sewer Refused To Stop Crying Until Help Arrives

Sewer systems are a crucial component of American cities. While they are certainly not fun to think about, our lives would not be the same without them. Unfortunately, there are some who believe that our sewer systems are a fine place to dispose of certain items that do not belong there. Domestic animals and wild animals often become trapped in a sewer system.

Whether they are placed there purposefully or end up there by accident, it is a major problem that needs to be addressed. No animal should ever be forced to reside in human filth.

This is the story of two dogs who found themselves in a real predicament. They were trapped inside of the sewer and had no means of freeing themselves. Fortunately, their cries for help were finally heard.

Isaac Barajas and Citlaly Rodriguez are two local teens who happened to be on the scene at the time. They heard the cries of the dogs and knew that they had to help. Once they realized that the sad cries were coming from the dogs, they contacted the good folks at Hope for Paws. This organization is responsible for rescuing countless animals and they were on the scene immediately.

Loreta and Eldad arrived and searched for the dogs. It did not take long before they were found. They knew that the dogs would get spooked rather easily. A cautious approach was going to be needed.

The dogs were given leashes and new names. They would now be known as Winn and Dixie. Eldad credits the help of these “two awesome kids”.

The rescue would not have happened without them. They did everything in their power to help out. Once the dogs were examined, they were found to have fleas. Their eye infections would also need to be treated. No one knew how these dogs had come to be so closely bonded but one thing was for sure: they are the best of friends.

They did not want to be apart from one another for even a second. The ordeal that they had been through had taught them the importance of each other’s company. Wags and Walks fostered the dogs until they were able to locate a forever home. If you would like to learn more about this amazing rescue effort, please be sure to check out the video below. We wish Winn and Dixie all of the best going forward! They certainly deserve it.

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