Two Rescued Fighting Dogs Meet For First Time

Vito and Maggie are pit bulls who have already been subjected to the worst in life. The poor animals were not given the chance to live in a forever home. Instead, they were pushed into the cruel and barbaric world of dogfighting. We cannot believe that this practice still exists in modern society but here we are, once again. These dogs were ridden with physical and emotional scars by the time they were found.

Detroit Bully Corps was responsible for their rescue. The animal rescue group looks after dogs once they have been rescued from fighting rings. This group will typically take on at least two dozen dogs at a time. Their selflessness certainly needs to be commended. The dogs arrived at the shelter a few years back and they were skittish at first.

Can you even blame them, though? After everything that the dogs had been through, we are not surprised in the slightest. The workers decided that the two dogs should be introduced to one another. They did not know what to expect initially. Once Maggie and Vito approached each other, they realized that their initial worries were unfounded. The two became fast friends.

They started to play together almost immediately. It is truly heartwarming to see these dogs enjoying each other’s company after what they have been through. The dogs were even able to share toys with one another. It was clear to see that they had made a real connection. Everyone at the facility loved watching them play with each other.

The two dogs were not going to let their past define them. They shrugged off the bad times and were willing to embrace the good times. This is a story we could all stand to learn something from. Maggie and Vito have made lots of friends while residing at Detroit Bully Corps. They are living proof that every dog deserves a second chance.

While pit bulls still carry a certain stigma, these dogs are here to disprove these notions. A pit bull is just as kind and loving as any other dog that you will meet. They simply need the chance to show it. Please share this story with your friends and loved ones, so that awareness can be raised about the plight of the pit bull. These animals deserve love and we hope that dog fighting can soon become a thing of the past.

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