Veteran decided to end his life and goes outside for last smoke, then hears rustling in bushes

When we hang out with our friends and loved ones who have rescued animals in the past, “I think that they actually rescued me!” is a common refrain. While it is usually said in jest, this is the story of one veteran who has had a totally different experience. Josh Marino was an Army sergeant who found himself scarred from the past wars he participated in.

It is easy to head off to a foreign country and engage in battle with the people that our nation tells us are the bad guys. However, many vets become disillusioned with this lifestyle, especially as they learn more about the world. A brain injury that he suffered in combat had also left him with post traumatic stress disorder. The mental anguish became too much for him to bear.

He was at a very low point and decided that he was going to take his own life. He grabbed a knife and one last cigarette. Josh had even written a goodbye note to his friends and loved ones. He was at Fort Riley at the time. Just before he prepared to exit the world, he heard a noise that would change his life forever. A “meow” could be heard from the bushes.

A little kitten emerged shortly after. The black and white kitten seemed to have been sent by a higher power. The animal sensed Josh’s pain and began to rub up against him gently. At this moment, the man broke down and began to cry. Perhaps the animal knew that the man was going through some terrible things that he could not possibly handle on his own.

Josh says that his life was saved by this animal and we are inclined to agree. The kitten was renamed Scout. Josh also decided that he wanted to do something in return for the animal. After all, he did owe the animal his life. While Scout eventually vanished, the most amazing thing happened. Josh and his new girlfriend went to a pet adoption event to look for another cat to fill the void.

Wouldn’t you know it, Scout reached out of his cage and gave his old pal a smack on the arm! Josh signed all of the necessary paperwork to take Scout home right on the spot. He received a medical discharge, married his new girlfriend and is now working with the Department of Veteran Affairs to counsel other vets. To learn more about the story of Josh and Scout, be sure to check out the film below.

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