Woman accused of selling sick puppies via fake rescue organization

This California woman finds herself in serious hot water from a legal standpoint because of her decision to sell dogs that she had some unsettling knowledge about. She set up her own organization for dog rescue that was found to be fake. Instead of providing would be owners with access to the pets that they desire, she was linking them with puppies that were sick.

The cruel and disgusting practice has led to the death of dozens of dogs and now they authorities are finally going to do something about it. The puppies were being obtained from Tijuana and sold for $400 apiece. The business was referred to as Pawlosophy and we are sad that this good idea for a name went to waste on an organization that was run by an evil crook.

The organization was sold to the rest of the world as an animal rescue but in reality, there was very little animal rescue taking place. Megan Ann Hoechstetter was simply out to make a quick buck and she did not care who she hurt in the process. Over 100 puppies were sold in this manner. Not once did Megan bother to provide the animals with the appropriate medical care.

She knew full well that she was selling sick puppies but did not care to let anyone know. This type of behavior is absolutely despicable and we should never allow someone to make money in such a gross way. We can’t even imagine how sad the families who lost their puppies must have been. The sheer sadness of having to say goodbye to a new puppy within weeks of taking them home is too much to bear…..

When she was finally caught, the authorities were able to remove several puppies from her care. They are now being placed up for adoption in a lottery style drawing. Head to the Animal Care Center if you would like to learn more. Once the proper paperwork has been filled out, you can be eligible to provide one of these dogs with the home that they need.

Megan is now facing 22 misdemeanor counts related to her actions. We hope that she is prosecuted to the fullest extent that the law allows. These sorts of actions need to be stopped before any more innocent animals are hurt. It is also believed that she operated under the use of various pseudonyms. Call (949) 724-7091 and ask to speak to Kim Cherney if you have any information. She is the Animal Services Supervisor.

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