Woman Opens Her Rented DVD To Find A Strange Note And Cash Inside The Box

Redbox is a great way for us to find entertainment on the run. When you are looking for the right movie to watch, your local Redbox is typically closer than you think. Life is hard and when we are looking to blow off steam after a long day at work, few things are better for the soul than a good movie. This mother recently attempted to unwind with a good movie, only to become the victim of a film worthy twist.

She went to a local Redbox and chose a movie. When she got back home to open the DVD case, she was greeted by a shocking note. While some of us may have thrown the note away immediately, this woman decided to take a closer look. The idea of finding a note inside of your Redbox DVD may seem nerve wracking, but this woman’s experience was far from that.

The note was written by a man named Marcos. It also came with $100 enclosed inside. The money was not left inside of the DVD case by accident. As it turns out, Marcos goes out of his way to do a nice thing for some lucky stranger each month. He takes $100 that he would usually spend on himself and gifts it to a stranger. This month, he had altered his routine slightly by placing the money in a DVD.

Marcos’ note gave the woman some simple instructions. She was to enjoy the money on her own or failing that, pass it along to someone else in need. She could not believe her good fortune and when she told her daughter, the younger woman took to her Twitter account to spread the word. The message went viral quickly, as everyone loved this story about finding a blessing in an unexpected place.

In a world that is full of stories about the awfulness of various humans, it is great to see that people like Marcos are still willing to assist their fellow man. Best of all, Marcos did not want any fanfare for this decision. This is simply something that he does every month without fail. As for the woman, she has been unable to decide what to do with the money.

One thing is for certain: Marcos has had a profound effect on the lives of the people around him. We could all stand to learn something from his kindness and generosity. Instead of complaining about the state of the world that he lives in, he is taking action. When it comes to embodying the change that they wish to see in the world, Marcos is currently paving the way for the rest of us.

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