Cheez-It combines its cheesy crackers with a whole box of wine

Cheez-It and House Wine are releasing a portable box that combines red wine and cheesy crackers.

Starting Thursday, the limited-edition House Wine and Cheez-It box will be available to purchase for $25 at

Image Source: House Wine + Cheez-It

This split box contains original Cheez-It crackers and a dispensable red wine blend — 50% cabernet sauvignon and 50% merlot — from House Wine.

Oh so dreamy!

The wine was specifically chosen by House Wine’s winemaker, Hal Landvoigt, who said the red currant and fruit flavors of House Wine’s original red blend complemented the cheesy flavor of Cheez-It’s original baked crackers.

It turns out that people have been sharing different wine pairings with one of America’s most beloved cracker.

Image Source: House Wine + Cheez-It

Just last year, Grub Street published an article called “How to Pair Wine with Cheez-Its” that included a small list of recommendations.

In 2017, Vinepair published an article about pairing a variety of cheese-flavored snacks (including Cheez-Its) with wines.

And in 2015, Eater published an “Ask a Somm” column in which a sommelier was asked how to pair Cheez-Its and other snacks with wine.

I don’t know about you, but I am all about convenience. So this new “invention” is music to my ears (and stomach).

Will you be getting a box?

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