Woman makes urgent appeal after seagull flew off with her pet chihuahua

Seagulls have been known to swoop down and take things. Anyone who has ever tried to enjoy a basket of French fries can attest to that. Now, one British family is desperately searching for their dog after a local seagull snatched the animal away. The horrific ordeal took place in their own backyard. A seagull carried their dog (who is named Gizmo) away in front of their eyes.

We cannot imagine how horrifying this must have been to witness. The owners pleaded with social media to provide them with any details on the matter. The story was also picked up by national news outlets. Becca Hill is the dog’s owner. She says that she had heard of stories like this one in the past. Like most people, she assumed that it would never happen to her.

Her partner happened to be hanging up clothes to dry as it happened. There was no chance to save the dog. The family is now wondering if the animal was dropped somewhere and if he is still alive. The information about the dog has been passed along on social media. We cannot believe that this bird would do something so callous. What could the seagull have wanted with this dog?

Officials have been scouring the region. There is still no sign of the dog. Peter Rock is a seagull expert who works at the University of Bristol as an ornithologist. He is warning other dog owners so that they do not have to experience this same fate. Rock says that these seagulls will target animals that they pick up and have even been known to harm pigeons.

**** 22/7/19 – 8.40am – Sadly he is still missing despite rumours circulating across other areas of social media that he…

Posted by UAV Lost Dog Search & Rescue on Sunday, July 21, 2019

Gulls will tear ducks from limb to limb as well. That’s why it is imperative for dog owners to take the proper precautions. Those who have smaller dogs should not be leaving the animals unattended. A smaller dog like Gizmo could easily become a meal for a seagull in search of a snack. A dog was pecked to death by these birds in the same county recently.

Of course, this information does not provide this family with very much solace during their hour of need. They are now forced to mourn the loss of their small dog. Please share this story to raise awareness about these types of concerns. We hope that no other dog owners are ever forced to experience this type of sadness again. No animal deserves such a fate.

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