100-Year-Old Theater Turned Into Gorgeous Bookstore

Do you have a favorite bookstore that you enjoy visiting? It seems as if they are created with the visitor in mind. Not only are they full of shelves after shelves of books, they often have beautiful design and architecture that keeps things interesting. Perhaps it is because there is so much information inside of those books that they feel it is necessary to make the entire experience memorable.

In Argentina, there is a bookstore that is certainly worthy of a visit. It didn’t start out as a bookstore, however, it was a theater for over 100 years. Originally, the El Ateneo Grand Splendid was a place you could go to watch a play, the opera or ballet. Today, it is something much different.

An architect and a publishing house got together to bring an idea to life. Today, you can go to the same building and browse through thousands of books, enjoy coffee from the small café or just sit and read a book in awesome surroundings.

One visitor said, “If you love books this unique store is a must. The old theater is for many years such an impressive bookstore that many visitors come to see the setup.”

I’m ready to go already!

Before you visit Buenos Aires, it’s a good idea to know when to go. The most comfortable seasons are between September and November or between March and May.

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