12 Household Cleaning Tricks Every New Mom Should Know

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Dirty Legos litter the floor in most homes where children stay and to keep your little ones safe from chewing on them, place them in the washing machine in a mesh bag and use laundry detergent.

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Toy disinfection is commonly ignored by busy parents, but did you know that you can let the dishwasher do the work? Wooden toys and stuffed animals should be cleaned separately, however.



When your child has an “accident” or two, these stains are removable with the use of a spray bottle filled with a generous helping of dish soap, three tablespoons of baking soda and eight ounces of hydrogen peroxide.


To remove all the smaller toys from your floors before guests arrive, use a clean dustpan and sweep them up.


Grease stains can be taken away by rubbing them down with white chalk and letting it sit overnight.


Wasteful kids tearing through hand soap at a rapid clip? To avoid their wasteful ways, place a rubber band around the pump’s base and keep them overdoing it.

Be sure to share these helpful hacks with the harried parents in your life as soon as possible!

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