12 People That Totally Asked The Wrong Guy For Photoshop Help

James Fridman is a Twitter user who constantly finds himself deluged with requests to assist his fellow Internet denizens with their Photoshop needs. These people should probably be taking their concerns elsewhere, but James is one of the most hilarious trolls on the Internet. Photoshop is the canvas that he uses to create his mischief.

His “assistance” allows people to take their silly photos to a whole new level of absurdity. When someone makes a request, he takes it as literally as possible and the results will have you screaming with laughter. The requests that he gets set the stage perfectly. Since they are not being entirely clear about what they want, this sets the stage for him to take all kinds of liberties.

There are other people who decide to get more specific about their issue but James is ready for them. The best Photoshop jobs that he does take place when he is able to make assumptions about what the person wants. Without his help, we wouldn’t have access to all of his awesome photos. We just hope that people are willing to keep sending them to him.

He is something of an evil genie. His ability to give people exactly what they ask yet not what they expect is something else. Someone made the mistake of asking him to make the “boobies” in one picture bigger and they were not specific enough. He decided to add a massive set of knockers to the man in the picture instead…much to this woman’s chagrin.

One person asked for their dad’s head to be turned around. He responded by turning him into something out of The Exorcist. A young boy who just wanted to be taller than his dad watched in horror as he received a photo of a shrunken father. You would think that these people would learn eventually but we are guessing that they like the attention.

Twitter’s relationship with James is much like their relationship with Gordon Ramsay. When people send their photos to both men, they are clearly expecting to end up on the receiving end of a roasting. This is the type of Photoshop help that we do not need and we hope that we are never foolish enough to send a photo his way. Please share this hilarious story with your closest friends and loved ones as soon as possible.

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