15+ Affordable Places To Go If You’re Young, Broke And Want To Travel The World

Flights from the United States to Cuba have finally resumed after a long period of inactivity, so be sure to visit Havana as soon as possible.

Arizona is not always the first state that we think of when it comes to travel, but it is very affordable and there is no shortage of beauty.

Greece is an inexpensive destination that offers a great deal of gorgeous scenery. Crete is the best location to choose if you are someone who is looking to save money.

Bangkok offers a travel experience that anyone can afford and flights are much less expensive than you might expect.

The island province of Bali is a common destination for visitors and since food and lodging are relatively cheap, young travelers head here regularly.

Lisbon remains one of Europe’s least expensive cities to fly into and the best times of year to visit are the early fall and the middle of spring.

Palawan is a popular Philippines destination and for those who reside on the west coast of the United States, it is a surprisingly inexpensive excursion.

Street food aficionados rejoice! South Korea allows you to stuff your face while still remaining light on your wallet.

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