15 People Who Lost Weight Share Inspiring Before And After Photos Of Their Transformations

9. Her 100-pound loss isn’t just evident in her body, but in her smile as well.

Reddit / immaslapu

10. Two years ago, she combined a healthy diet and fitness to lose 170 pounds.

Reddit / aleahs123

11. With a high protein, low carb diet and regular exercise, he dropped 141 pounds in 16 months.

Reddit / Hellsing_37

12. She’s still the same sassy, confident woman — she’s just 92 pounds lighter, now!

Reddit / AdamClarkeX

13. She’s down 91 pounds, and the results really speak for themselves.

Reddit / progress1717

14. Eating smaller portions and exercising regularly were the keys to this woman’s 72-pound weight loss success.

Reddit / m_ulebitch

15. “Down over 90lbs naturally in 13 months and here’s the result so far….”

Reddit / garyspodcast

All of these people should be so proud of themselves for their discipline and perseverance. They’re all an inspiration.

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