19 Pets Who Really Hate The Thought Of Going To The Vet

Going to the vet’s office with your pet is a lot like taking your child to the doctor. They don’t usually want to go and are very unhappy when they figure out their destination. Let’s take a closer look at some of these super hilarious reactions from pets who are quick to let their owner know that they are not down with a trip to the vet’s.

Watching these two comfort each other about their current destination is one of the most adorable things we’ve ever seen.

This dog’s facial expression says it all and this is one animal who has definitely figured out where they’re headed.

We feel bad for this poor little guy and hope that his owners gave him a nice treat for his troubles.

Holding the hand of your pet is definitely a great way to assuage their fears.

A puppy cannot be blamed for being fearful of the vet. After all, it is their very first time.

Pictures say a thousand words, don’t they? This dog’s facial expression speaks volumes.

What a clever hiding place! Give this kitty an A for effort in this regard.

Don’t you just want to cuddle this pup and tell them that everything will be all right?

Even if you take apart the whole crate, a resourceful cat will always find a way to hide.

The fear in this dog’s eyes is almost too much for us to bear. We might have to look away.

Nice try at hiding, pal….but we can still see you!

This dog’s attempt at hiding is a little bit better, but to be quite honest, it still needs some work.

If this tiny little pup can be this brave, then what is the rest of these animals’ excuse?

It is clear as day to see that this is our friend’s very first vet visit and we wish her all of the best.

Once the vet said that it was time for these dogs to get their shot, they took cover with the only person who could save them.

This cat’s attempt at finding a hiding place has left us in absolute hysterics.

Dodger seems to have figured out that there is a conspiracy afoot and that he was lied to about today’s destination.

As for this pup, they seem to think that they are invisible as long as no one can see their head.

We can’t figure out if Marvin doesn’t approve of the vet or the chair that he was given to sit in.

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