20 Cats And Dogs That Hate Christmas As Much As You Do

These cats may seem like they are full of mischief. In reality, they just want to help. When the Christmas tree is brought into the house, they are ready to spring into action. Let’s take a closer look at some of the handiwork that our feline friends have been willing to provide.


This cat looks like they have a tremendous amount of self satisfaction. Even by cat standards.


These types of before and after photos tell the story better than words ever could.


Just try and get mad at that little face. We double dog dare you!


This tree did not even have a chance to stay up for five minutes….literally.


Thanks to this cat, this family now knows who the real shining star of the household is.


What good is a Christmas tree if it can’t be used as a tree fort?


Here’s a challenge for all of you out there: see if you can spot this cat.


The facial expression here is priceless. “Who is responsible for this?”


As for this cat? They seem to be rather pleased with the work that they have done.


For once, a cat that actually seems to appreciate their Christmas tree instead of needlessly attacking it.


Noma might be a shy kitty by nature, but she loves her tree and doesn’t care who knows it.


This is the nap that some cats find themselves looking forward to all year.


The tree in this photo isn’t decorated yet, which makes playing peek a boo even easier.


Some cats are even able to provide assistance with wrapping gifts when they are not terrorizing trees.


Get yourself a cat, they said. It will be so much fun, they said.


“My work is done here.”


From the looks of things, this cat was not about to wait even one second for the tree to go up before dive bombing it. Good on them for getting right down to business.


Cats get all of the bad press that comes with being Christmas tree destroyers. Dogs should probably catch a little bit of flack, too.


Take this dog, for instance. These puppy dog eyes are certainly not fooling anyone.


Cats really love being the center of attention at all times and this photo is very emblematic of that indisputable fact.

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