20 Couples That Are Absolutely Winning Halloween

As a couple, it can be so easy to get into the mindset of just staying home and watching Netflix on the couch. Well what if you decided to go to your Halloween party as ‘Netflix and Chill’?

Need some inspiration? These couples are absolutely crushing their Halloween costumes:

20. Yin And Yang

19. Lego Couple

18. This guy’s girlfriend couldn’t make it to the Halloween party, so he dressed up as both of them.

17. Daft Punk

16. “TV’s First Interracial Kiss” Start Trek

15. Beetlejuice

14. This couple NAILED IT!

13. Home Alone

12. A rich man and his escort

11. Her husband had to work, but she made the best of it!

10. Green Army Men

9. Edward Scissorhands And His Topiary Bush


7. Sooooo goooooddddd

6. ‘Red Rum’


4. Anyone wanna take a magic carpet ride?

3. Jay and Silent Bob

2. The Pumpkin King

1. Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory

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