25 Babies Who Look More Like Celebrities Than The Celebrities Themselves

I don’t think anybody would argue the fact that babies are adorable. When we see them in front of us, we can’t help but smile from the heart. After all, they are little versions of us but there are going to be times in which the cuteness factor is not the first thing that we notice.

Have you ever seen a baby that looked exactly like a celebrity and it made you do a double take? I’m not talking about just a passing glance, I’m talking about seeing a baby and realizing that somehow, they carry the same genetics as a famous individual.

More than likely, it is just a matter of coincidence but then again, we are all connected in some way or another. If you’ve never seen anything like this, take a look at the following 25 babies and you will see exactly what I mean.

1.Danny DeVito

Do you think they are somehow related? He has the expression and the bald spot!

2. Amy Schumer

I would say that the eyes are a dead giveaway. It’s almost as if you are looking at one of her baby photos.

3. Chef Gordon Ramsay

The baby looks a little bit grumpy but I wonder if he uses the same language as his doppelgänger.

4. Wallace Shawn

That unmistakable look is about as close as you can get

5. Kevin From The Office

If you have to look like somebody, you might as well look like somebody famous.

6. Baby Gandalf

I love the wrinkled brow and the worried eyes.

7. Eric Stonestreet

Funny how they have the same expression on their face.

8. Prince George

I would say this little boy has it all, including the perfect grin.

9. Little Ed Shearin

I wonder if he can sing like his counterpart.

10. Mrs. Doubtfire?

Okay, she isn’t real but we’ll take it anyway.

11. Jay-Z

He has everything, the nose, the eyes and even the chin.

12. John legend

This baby lets us know that Legend would be just as cute as a little one

13. Usher

Did you ever wonder what he looked like as a baby? Wonder no more!

14. Oswald Patton

If the baby is half as funny he will go places.

15. Bruno Mars

I would say the younger version is just as cute as the older version

16. Andy Riker

That smiling face is enough to light up a room

17. Vin Diesel

Funny how the baby has a little more hair than the older version

18. Tiger Woods

Are you telling me that isn’t a picture of Tiger Woods as a kid?

19. Chris Farley

OMG! It’s almost like a comedian stunt double

20. Putin

Don’t cross this baby, he might push the button.

21. Jonathan Lipnicki

It doesn’t get any closer than this.

22. Conan O’Brien

It’s like brothers from a different mother

23. Ja Rule

Maybe we all have a little doppelgänger running around out there somewhere.

24. Ryan Gosling

This kid’s parents better watch him closely. The girls are going to love him.

25. Philip Seymour Hoffman

We were sad to see him go but it’s nice to see he has a double.

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