250 Amish Men Lift Barn With Their Bare Hands And Carry It Across Farm To Its New Spot

The Amish community is well known for its strong stand against technology. In more recent days, they have adopted it to a certain extent but when new technology comes along, they aren’t the first to grab it and use it.

In the United States, there are approximately 40 groups of Amish. They tend to be small, close communities that do not rely on the outside world to get things done. They tend to use some sheer power and a little elbow grease, along with a lot of cooperation, to get things done.

This was clearly seen early one morning in March 2019 when hundreds of Amish people got together on a Knox County, Ohio farm. The farm belonged to Joseph Hochstetler and he had a job that needed to be done. There was a pole barn on his property and it needed to be moved from one side of the farm to the other. They didn’t have any heavy machinery on the farm to do it; they were going to use their bare hands and lots of muscle.

Close to 250 men surrounded the barn, grabbed the bottom of it and lifted it in the air, all in one piece. The women and children were watching as they moved the barn, turned it and placed it in the new position. All in all, they had moved the barn nearly 200 feet.

You will want to watch them get the job done in this video:

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