6-Year-Old Chihuahua Can’t Walk Anymore So His Pit Bull Buddy Is Happy To Carry Him Around

Dog lovers who work for animal shelters are not always able to resist the urge to bring home more pets. It is just a natural part of working at these types of facilities. Kristina Helfer is one pet parent who is very familiar with these types of acquisitions. As the coordinator of adoptions for the good folks at Wise Animal Rescue, she is no stranger to bringing home her own stragglers.

Frank and Piper were taken in by this kindly woman before she had the chance to take home the titular Chihuahua. Tito first came to her attention when he was already 16 years old. His former owner had fallen ill and could no longer provide him with the love and care that he needed. The poor dog was suffering from a collapsed trachea and also had an infected mass on his back.

No one at the facility was willing to give up on sweet little Tito, though. They were going to do everything in their power to assist him. The vet’s office put together an excellent treatment plan for the little dog and Kristina decided to take him home to help out. She wanted to make sure that the treatment plan was followed as closely as possible.

“Frank immediately took to him. He was going over to check on Tito constantly — just sniffing him, licking him … At first, I was worried about how Tito would react just since he’s very elderly and wasn’t in good health. But he took to Frank just as much.”

Tito was also going to need someone who would be able to assist him with his breathing treatments. Frank and Piper were more than happy to host him. The three dogs got along fabulously right away. Their bond was instantaneous. Frank was particularly attentive to Tito’s needs. This is one pitbull who is shattering all of the stereotypes that surround this breed.

In fact, Frank has even earned a new nickname for himself with his treatment. His mother refers to him as “Nurse Frank”. This is an apt nickname for sure. The mass was finally removed from Tito’s back and Frank was there to make sure that he made it through the procedure with flying colors. He would even carry the dog from place to place!

“When we walk by, people are like, ‘That’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!’ They’re definitely breaking stereotypes about pit bull mixes, and senior dogs. Walking them is really special.”

This is one of the most adorable images that we have ever seen. Kristina is the one who came up with this solution but they both seem to be fine with it. These two love to spend all of their time together. If this story touched your heart as much as it did ours, please be sure to share away! Life is always better when we share these moments with the ones that we love most.

Image Source: Instagram / Ying Yang Twins

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