6th grader teaches himself how to crochet, knits hats, scarves and bags for the homeless


Children are not bound to the same sort of expectations as their older counterparts. This makes it much easier for them to make decisions that will positively effect the world around them. Take the little boy that you are about to meet in this story for example, who has taken on a hobby that most people would not expect a young man like himself to have.

Jaheir Moore has a very unique passion and he has decided to use this passion as a way to help out others who are in need. He is only in the 6th grade and is already very skilled in the art of crochet. Best of all, he is not content to keep his talents all to himself and he aims to help his community.


In a world full of homeless people who are in need of clothing and shelter, Jaheir’s passion for crochet is being used to help a variety of homeless shelters and intensive care units in the Jersey City area.

The winter temperatures have hit the Northeast hit and this is one of the most dangerous times of year to be without a home, but thanks to Jaheir, they now have access to warm clothing that is created with a sense of compassion and kindness.

He began to crochet after taking a class at the local YMCA and he was off and running from there. He crochets as soon as he is finished with school each day and can finish off one of his creations in as little as 20 minutes in certain instances.

Jaheir aims to become a top fashion designer one day and is currently in the process of preparing for his very first fashion show. Be sure to pass this inspirational story along to your family and friends once you have watched this incredible video.

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