Abandoned Dog Chases People’s Cars Looking For Someone To Love Him

Animal shelters in Greece are currently overrun by sick, stray dogs. In fact, these dogs require so much care, volunteers are forced to neglect healthy animals with similar needs. Blue is one of these strays and her story is a sad one. She seemed to be in better condition than the usual strays that the local shelters were finding and all she wanted was to be loved.

Since she could not find anyone to care for her, she spent her life chasing after cars. No shelter was willing to take her in, because her condition was not believed to be serious. Finally, a local woman saw Blue wandering the beach and decided to intervene. She could tell from the sad look on the dog’s face that she simply wanted a friend to care about.

The woman arranged for Blue to head overseas. She would no longer have to roam the streets of Greece. Instead, she would have the chance to head to Holland. A forever home was waiting for her there. This was merely the beginning of her success story. It became obvious to anyone who was around her that she would make for an awesome emotional support dog.

She had the ability to comfort others and allow them to feel at ease. This is the type of skill that people spend a lifetime looking for. Now, her new owners are making sure that she can put these skills to good use. They are giving her the proper training, so that she can become a full time therapy dog. She’s come a long way from life on the streets!

We are glad to see that Blue is finally getting a chance to spread the love that she has in her heart. She has not allowed her circumstances to keep her from fulfilling her purpose. We are also happy to report that Blue has already completed all of her necessary training. She is now an official therapy dog and she will be helping all those in need.

Would you like to learn more about Blue’s awesome story? Curious to see how she was able to achieve her goals? If so, be sure to check out the touching clip below. We would also like to take this time to send a shout out to the woman who rescued her from the beach in Greece. Without her help, none of this would have ever been possible!

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