Abandoned Dog Desperately Runs After Its Owners Now The Heartbreaking Footage Is Going Viral

Seeing an animal get abandoned is not for the faint of heart. When the average person brings a pet home, they feel a strong sense of responsibility for the animal…..as they should. We do not understand what possesses people to take home pets that they are not actually equipped to handle. That’s why those who take this responsibility seriously deserve kudos.

Unfortunately, this story began with someone shirking those duties. This pup was living in Medellin and strangers looked on in shock as the dog was unceremoniously dumped in the street. The former owners decided to drop the dog at a side street market as if the animal did not matter at all. It is the dog’s reaction that received the strongest reaction, though.

The poor animal did not seem to realize why they were being tossed aside like this. The dog was dropped off by a couple that was riding a motorcycle. Unfortunately, the market was too crowded for these evil people to make the fast getaway that they had dreamed of. The poor dog kept chasing after them and trying to jump back onto the bike.

Cesar is a Colombian journalist who watched these horrors unfold. He was sure to contact the authorities and he also obtained a video of the license plate. The dog sprinted through traffic in hopes of getting back into his owners’ good graces but they would not take him back no matter how hard he tried. Their minds were already made up.

What a disgusting couple. Cesar is not even sure if the dog was able to make it through this ordeal safely. Once the clip began to circulate online, people began to offer their opinions on the matter. They were absolutely furious. Who could possibly treat a sweet and innocent dog this cruelly? We can only hope that this animal found someone who was willing to give them a home and rescue them from these circumstances.

Please share this story to spread awareness about incidents like these. They are far too common and there are too many dogs who are being left to fend for themselves in the mean streets. If you would like to see this moment for yourself, be sure to check out the video below. Don’t our dogs deserve so much better than this? Of course they do. Let’s all do our part to spread awareness.

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