After famous cat passes away, city honors him with a statue at his favorite spot

Tombili has made quite a name for himself as being one of the most chill cats that you have ever seen. Those who reside in Istanbul get to see this cool cat lounging on a daily basis. Of course, he is beloved by all. He’s got the sort of laid back lifestyle that we’d all like to live. When locals took photos of him, he became something of an online legend.

When Tombili passed away this past year, local residents were understandably saddened. The pudgy feline had brought so much joy to the world around him, they wanted to make sure that he would always be remembered. They elected to build a statue in his memory that would be located in the same spot where he used to spend all of his days.

The statue’s creators have done a phenomenal job of capturing the cat’s true essence, haven’t they? It is plain to see that Tombili was quite the inspiration to all those who met him and knew him well. At times, it is best to have a seat and allow for a moment of introspection. This is one cat that truly knew how to live life, didn’t he?

Ever since the memorial opened, the townspeople have been flocking left and right. Tombili had a lot of fans that wanted to pay their respects to him. While many of us would never think to build a statue for a cat, those of us who have animals of our own that we love might be thinking about stealing this idea when our fur babies pass on.

Others may not believe that they have anything to learn from a cat and they would also be very, very wrong. Tombili’s chilled out nature is something that we could all stand to learn something from. He did not allow the daily grind to get to him and we hope that he is cooling out in Kitty Heaven with all of his pals. There is no cat who can replace him.

This story makes us want to book a ticket to Istanbul, so that we can check out this awesome statue for ourselves. In the meantime, we can dream, right? Please share the story of our good friend Tombili and his statue with all of your friends and loved ones as soon as possible. They are definitely going to appreciate this one!


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