After Having Twins, People Took One Look At The Boys And Accused The Mother Of Having An Affair

July 23, 2016 is a day that Russell and Christin Lewis will always remember. It was on that day that she gave birth to a set of beautiful twins, one girl and one boy.

It surprised the couple, who are from Newark, New Jersey when Nolan and Savannah were born. They looked nothing like what the doctors were expecting.

Cristin and Russell are black but Savannah and Nolan have pale eyes and light skin. Savannah has auburn red hair but Nolan’s hair is platinum blonde-yellow.

The twins look different because they have albinism. It is a condition when there is very little or no melanin produced in the hair, eyes, and skin. It is a rare condition for a single child but for twins, it is exceedingly rare.

Albinism can result in a number of physical side effects. Savanna and Nolan may have rapid eye movement, sensitivity to light and sensitive/fragile skin. In most cases, they will also have very brittle hair.

More challenging than the physical issues are the emotional issues that may go along with it. The family will not be able to go out in public without people giving rude and unwanted questions and comments. Some outsiders have even accused her of having an affair already!

“People think that I cheated on my husband to have white babies,” Christin said.

“I want to make a public service announcement: We are faithful, we did not cheat on each other, and we did not use surrogates,” she said. “I carried these babies for nine months.”

You can meet this family in the following clip:

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