Amazon Is Selling A DIY Guest House That Can Be Assembled In Eight Hours

When was the last time you had company? Sometimes, company comes, visits for a little while and then leaves but at other times, they just stick around. What do you do when you have company until the middle of the night or if they just refused to go home? Many people will simply put them up for the night but if you don’t have a spare room, you might feel left out. That is no longer going to be the case, thanks to this unique offer that you can purchase on Amazon.

If you had the opportunity to put up a bedroom anytime you needed it, what would you do? It may even double as a doghouse for your significant other, provided they find themselves in that location more often than not. In fact, it may even make an awesome literal doghouse! Amazon has just the thing for you and you can put it together on your own.

This is the DIY guesthouse, at least in name. Sure, you can put a guest in the house to give them a place to stay but it can also be used as a pool house, a rec room or even an outdoor location to grow your plants.

It is known as the Allwood Solvalla and only your imagination stands in the way of what you can do with it.

Before you run out and buy one for yourself, let’s take a look at the dimensions so you can make the best use of it. It is approximately 172 square feet, 86 of which are covered. All of the parts and instructions can be ordered on Amazon and with just a little bit of work, it can be up and running. The entire project should take about eight hours according to their estimates.

There may be some additional time necessary if you want electricity, air conditioning or running water. Obviously, this is something that may require even more than a DIY enthusiast can tackle. If you are just looking for a little guesthouse, however, this little gem can be yours for the price of only $7250.

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