Amazon is selling a giant bread pillow that’s every carb lover’s dream

There is a lot of talk about carbs these days. Some people love them and others try to avoid them but one thing is certain, they are a part of our lives. If you happen to be one of those people who just can’t get enough bread in your life, I have news that is going to make your day.

Many of us turn to Amazon to purchase the items that we need. They are a company that supplies us with anything that we want, including carbs. In this particular case, it is carbs in the form of a giant baguette pillow and we can’t imagine our lives without one any longer.

This amazing pillow can be purchased in 4 sizes. It is up to you to choose the one that you want, but why would you choose any size other than large?

Get a 15.8-inch baguette for $11.43, a 23.7-inch one for $15.43 and a 32-inch baguette for $18.43.

If you just can’t seem to get enough bread in your life, you can always choose the 40-inch pillow for $23.43.

Fans on Amazon have been giving great reviews and many are rating it as five stars.

“Got one of these pillows for my wife as a gag gift but she absolutely fell in love with it,” wrote El Squiv. “Now it’s earned a permanent place on our bed. It’s great quality and photorealistic when it comes to the printed picture on the fabric.”

Danielle Singh added: “This pillow is the best!!! Couldn’t wait for it to come! I’m on Keto and bread is a no-no but this pillow makes me feel all soft and warm just like a fresh loaf of bread! Great price too!! The removable cover seems washable too in case I drool all over it dreaming of baguettes through the night!!”

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