Animal Activists Are Warning People To Stop Putting Beached Dolphins Back In The Ocean

Everyone wants to do what is right for animals, for the most part. While there are a few scofflaws out there, we would like to think that the average person has a sizable amount of decency. It can be tough to know what to do if a wild animal is in danger, though. Fortunately, we have access to years and years of research that has been provided by the experts.

There is no need to think on the fly. All we need to do is follow the advice that we are given. This information is especially important, now that habitats are regularly being destroyed by the presence of humans. There are certain steps that we need to take so that we can make sure that various species do not go extinct.

Some beach visitors may be wondering if they are making the right decisions when it comes to beached dolphins. Of course, our first instinct is to place them back into the water. That makes sense, right? After all, the dolphins probably prefer being in the water. This is where the assistance of the experts comes into play, however.

“In many ways, it is a source of great pride that people across west Wales love wild animals and want to help,” RSPCA officer Ellie West said, “but returning a beached aquatic mammals to the sea can be hugely counter-productive.”

“People are obviously well-meaning in doing this, but usually it is the wrong thing to do for the animals, and their welfare.”

When humans decide to intervene in such a way, this is actually doing more to endanger the animal.

An animal rescue team should be contacted, so that they can place the animals back into the water the proper way. A dolphin will usually wash up onto a beach because they are having health issues. This is nature’s way of allowing them to peel off from the others.

Placing a sickly dolphin back into contact with the others will often cause more harm. It is also bad for the health of a human to be lugging dolphins around.

H/T: Telegraph / Metro

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