Another Airline Joins Delta In Banning Emotional Support Kittens And Puppies From Flights

Airlines have finally had their fill when it comes to people abusing the rules. This is especially true for those who have been bending the rules so that they can bring “an emotional support animal”. It is not hard to tell who is abusing the rules, either. Unfortunately, whenever these things start to happen, everyone is forced to suffer as a result.

Maybe you’ve seen some odd creatures during your travels, as we have. We do not wish to call anyone a liar but when you see people traveling with live birds and lizards, it is pretty easy to connect the dots. Having a seeing eye dog or a trained cat who is able to assist you with your anxiety is one thing. Thinking that your pets should travel for free is another.

United Airlines is one of the companies that is finally putting their foot down on this one. Starting January 7, the free rides for your pets are now over. The kittens and puppies that people were bringing on their flights cannot come along anymore. Starting now, they must be at least four months of age. This cuts down on all the behavioral issues that were taking place before.

The four month rule is applied to any and all animals that are looking to gain entrance into the main cabin. Any traveler who is on a flight that is going to last for eight hours or more can no longer bring an emotional support animal for the trip. This does not prohibit travelers from being able to bring their pets along for the ride, however.

The typical pet fees still apply. This is simply meant to put a stop to those who thought that they could skirt this fee by simply claiming that any and all pets could be used as a means of emotional support. Sorry, sir, but you will need to pay the proper price if you are going to bring your snake or ferret or new puppy on someone else’s flight.

Any travelers who have further questions about the changes that are being made are urged to pick up the phone and contact United Airlines directly. The video below also provides further information for those who are seeking additional background on this decision. How do you feel about this new policy? Be sure to share this story with your friends and loved ones and get their takes on the subject as well.

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