Baby Elephant Wants Man To Play With Him, And It Is The Cutest Thing Ever

Elephants are some of the most lovable creatures on the planet. They are majestic as they are playful and their presence lights up any setting. The footage that you are about to see is simply too cute. This baby elephant has an important message to deliver. They are going to make sure that this worker gets it before it is too late and we are swooning.

Videos like these make our day. Aren’t we lucky to live in a world where these types of interactions are regularly captured on tape? Elephants are especially fun to watch because they are equal parts intelligent and adorable. Take the baby elephant in this story, for instance. He’s found a new human buddy and all he wants to do is play with him.

The worker may have stuff to do but this is meaningless to the little tyke. Dan was just trying to get some work done at this Thailand camp. The Mae-Sa Elephant Camp has no shortage of cute babies to gawk at but this baby is truly special. The bamboo poles needed to be properly protected but that was of no concern to this cute little fellow.

He was ready to play and he did not need this man’s work schedule to interfere. Khunsuk is the name of this elephant and when he came over, we started to lose it right away. Seeing an elephant use their trunk like this is just too funny. Khunsuk wielded his trunk as if it were a pointer finger and he gave Dan a few loving taps.

The baby was not going to be denied. He continued to give Dan taps, even though the enclosure was supposed to be blocking his path. We are not sure what you would do in this scenario but anyone who says that they would not stop what they were doing to play with this baby elephant is not someone that we need to be friends with!

Just kidding, of course. It would definitely be hard to say “no” to that cute little face. This is one of the more heartwarming clips that you are going to see anytime soon and we would be willing to place a sizable bet on that. Be sure to pass this touching video along to your closest friends and loved ones as well. They are sure to appreciate this one!

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