Beagle Won’t Even Look At Her New Owner, But He Takes A Chance To Change Her Life

Howard Holloman went to visit the local shelter, in hopes of finding an animal to take home. One of the first dogs that caught his eye was named Noodles. There was just one problem: Noodles had experienced a great deal of abuse and were no longer very trusting of human beings. The beagle began to cower as soon as the man approached the kennel. Her fright was evident.

Fortunately, he was able to coax her into coming home with him. We are glad to see that Howard was willing to take home a dog who had struggled in the past. There are a lot of humans who would not want to deal with these types of issues. Howard knew that the dog’s anxiety would be eased if she had the chance to see that there were good humans out there in the world.

He also knew that she would get along well with the rescue dog that he already had. Howard and Weezie have developed a strong bond over the years. They wanted to make sure that Noodles would have the chance to enjoy a loving home as well. Once the two dogs were introduced, it did not take long for a friendship to start blossoming.

Weezie used to be a shelter dog, too. That is what makes it so easy for Noodles to assimilate. It is always easier for a shelter dog to become accustomed to their new home when they are being given the proper guidance. Howard and Weezie gave the dog the space that she needed in order to be comfortable and this decision definitely paid off.

All it took was two days before Noodles was ready to become a true part of the family. Taking a chance on a dog that has been abused takes a lot of courage. There are lot of people who would not be willing to consider such a thing. Howard is not like the others, though. If you would like to learn more about his awesome connection with Weezie and Noodles, be sure to check out the video below.

We are loving every minute of it and we wish these two dogs all of the best going forward. Seeing these two dogs perched in their chairs is enough to make us want to burst into tears of joy. Howard deserves all of the respect and admiration in the world for being willing to make Noodles’ dreams of having a loving home finally come true.

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