Boy Makes Last Request To Dr. As He’s Put To Sleep That Parents Don’t Know Until After Surgery

c was only a baby when he was diagnosed with a cyst on his brain. He also had a chronic condition, known as hydrocephalus. Now that Jackson is eight years old, he has been in and out of the hospital numerous times but he has a special stuffed animal that helps to take away some of the stress.

The doctors that have worked with him have been wonderful through it all. His neurosurgeon, Dr. Daniel McNealy did something that was not only above and beyond, but it is also something that is touching people around the world.

Dr. McNealy was there when Jackson was first diagnosed as an infant. Jackson came in with a teddy bear to the operating room before the last surgery took place. He asked his neurosurgeon if he would do something special. He wanted him to also operate on his teddy bear.

The doctor just could not say no. He said that he would perform the surgery on Jackson and his teddy bear.

“I thought if there was something I could do to help make him feel better, it seemed like a simple gesture and I was only too happy to oblige.”

A makeshift surgical table was prepared by the nurses and some tools were assembled. Jackson surgery had some leftover stitches that were used. The bear was fondly known as Little Baby

Rick McKie, Jackson’s father was quite thrilled with what Dr. McNealy did. He is a neurosurgeon, which is a very important job but he also has compassion for his patients.

“He’s one of the nicest human beings I’ve ever met.”

When Jackson was out of recovery he was excited to find out that his bear was patched up. It was the first time that Dr. McNealy had ever operated on a stuffed animal. He shared the experience on social media.

“Patient asks if I can also fix teddy bear just before being put off to sleep … how could I say no?”

It took a kindhearted gesture on the part of Dr. McNeely and people around the world are loving it. He had the following to say on Twitter:

“I thought it might make a few people smile, that was the only intention I had. I’m glad that others are enjoying it.”

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