Boy Poses For Photo At Disneyland When Strangers Notice Man Sneaking Up On Him Through Crowd

Amusement parks are a wonderful location for children. Parents can sit back and relax, while their little ones create memories that are going to last a lifetime. Even older couples tend to enjoy the moments that they spend at amusement parks. They are a top-notch destination for families everywhere and it always warms our hearts to see families spending time together.

This family was given the chance to visit the “happiest place on earth” and they did not want to squander a single moment. This little boy was having the time of his life but he got an unexpected surprise. If you are anything like us, you will be squealing with delight as soon as you see what took place on this fateful day in the Magic Kingdom.

When this child got his surprise, even the crowd that was looking on was moved to tears. He had seen all of his favorite Disney movies and tried all of the rides. Now, it was time for a surprise that he would never, ever forget. The young man had arrived with his family but his father was not present for the trip. He was overseas with the Navy…or so the little boy thought!

While he was having his picture taken, a man came up from behind. He was clad in a tan Navy uniform and he wanted to see his son. The little boy was blissfully unaware at first. After a moment or two, he turned around. The look on his face was priceless as he called out to his dad.

What an amazing surprise. We almost cannot believe it ourselves. How did this family manage to keep Dad’s arrival a secret from this little boy? The crowd even applauded as the boy and his father got to enjoy a long awaited hug. The child was incredibly overwhelmed by what had taken place and we can definitely understand where he was coming from.

This is the sort of reunion that will melt your heart. Please take a moment to pass it along to the loved ones in your family that you do not get to see often enough. This outing was already magical enough and thanks to this dad’s awesome surprise, it was about to get even better. Be sure to check out the video below if you would like to see this amazing reunion for yourself.

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