Brushing Your Teeth With Common Household Spice Can Help Whiten Your Teeth In 3 Days

Are over the counter teeth whitening products a little overpriced for you to even consider? Then open up your pantry because your spice rack has exactly what you need.

Here’s all you need: A jar of coconut oil, turmeric, a bowl, and your toothbrush as well as your everyday toothpaste.

Recipe for Tooth Whitener:  Mix 1 tablespoon of coconut oil with 1 teaspoon of turmeric in your bowl. Use your toothbrush, mix the two ingredients together until they form a paste. Next, brush your teeth with the mixture as you normally would. Instead of spitting, let the paste sit on your teeth for a few minutes. Don’t be alarmed but your mouth will turn bright yellow.  Relax, next use your regular toothpaste,  then rinse.

How does it work: Just like baking soda, turmeric has a slightly abrasive texture this removes plaque and stains. It’s also naturally antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, which helps to improve your overall oral hygiene.


Brushing your teeth with the spice is a bit messy and stubborn to remove but the extra brushing time and rinsing will be worth it.  Your smile will be brighter just from this extra effort.

Have you used this a natural tooth whitener?

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