Budweiser’s Super Bowl Ad Featuring A Dalmatian And Clydesdales Highlights A Positive Message

The Super Bowl is a lot of fun for (American) football fans all around the globe. It is a day to come together, eat lots of food and watch some of the finest athletes in the world compete for the sport’s biggest prize. But what about those who are not as into sports? What are they supposed to do when the rest of us are gathered around the television set?

Luckily, the Super Bowl’s massive audience also creates an environment where some of the biggest companies on the planet are willing to spend big. This big-spending begets some of the finest advertisements that you are ever going to see. The biggest celebs and the biggest businesses come together to create unforgettable advertisements that stand the test of time.

When it comes to unforgettable Super Bowl advertisements, there are few companies that can match Budweiser’s track record. The Clydesdale horses that star in the beer giant’s yearly ad are practically celebrities in their own right at this point. This year’s ad will include some awesome co-stars and a very important message about the usage of renewable energy, though.

The Dalmatian, known for its placement in other immensely popular films, is now going to be spending time with the aforementioned horses. This dog was not chosen because the Budweiser execs are big fans of the 101 Dalmatians films, however. These dogs actually have a storied history of spending time with the Clydesdale horses and this is a natural partnership to explore in commercial form.

We do not wish to spoil the rest of the commercial for those who have not seen it yet. Some may decide that they would like to wait until the day of the big game itself and others may want to see the commercial in full right now. We are here to respect both viewpoints. To that end, those who would like to check it out now can simply take a moment to click the link below.

As for those who are looking to wait, we envy your willpower. Who knows what this year’s batch of commercials will bring? Maybe Cardi B and Tiffany Haddish will team up in some way? Or perhaps we will get some teaser trailers for this year’s most hotly anticipated films? Lord, give us a new trailer for Godzilla: King of the Monsters….if you really love us!

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