Bullied Boy Invites Cop To Birthday Party, Arrives To Find No One Else Showed Up

Thomas Daniel is a young child who has had his fair share of struggles. At only 9 years of age, he had to deal with his peers picking on him regularly. One day, the school bus left as he was trying to catch up to it. He didn’t know it but there happened to be a police officer watching.

Austin Lynema is the police officer who saw Thomas miss the bus that day. His mom didn’t have a car, so the bus was his only way to get to school. The police officer gave him a ride to school in the squad car after getting his mother’s permission.

They had a friendly conversation as the police officer drove him to school. Officer Lynema learned that it was his 9th birthday and he had a party scheduled for after school. He then revealed something on a much more personal level.

It seems that Thomas had been struggling at school because he was getting bullied. He had invited other children but was not sure if any of them were able to come. The police officer dropped him off at school and said he would be at his party.

When Officer Lynema came to the party later that evening, he saw that it was only Thomas’ siblings who showed up. None of his classmates came.

He was also saddened to learn that he didn’t have a cake.

The police officer came back to his home the next day and this time, he had backup.

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