Bump-approved floats are here to let pregnant women lounge in the pool this summer

Ask any pregnant woman (or any woman who has been pregnant) and they will tell you it is not always a pleasant experience. In fact, between the back pain, morning sickness and the body swelling it can be downright uncomfortable.

Fortunately, your comfort level is about to improve if you are pregnant, thanks to a company called Cozy Bump. They make inflatable pool rafts and mattresses and sell them on Amazon for $74.99. The shipping is free and the comfort level for pregnant women is off the charts.

The secret to the inflatable device is the hole, which is perfectly situated for a baby bump. It also includes an indent for the chest and face and is shaped to raise your hips and lower your legs.

This is a one-size-fits-all float as well. There is a smaller sized hole on the opposing side of the float, just in case you aren’t quite ready for the delivery room.

This inflatable pillow will have you enjoying some time at the swimming pool or you can use it for pregnancy exercises or getting an occasional massage. It has also received approval from chiropractors and OB/GYN’s, and offers benefits that you should not ignore.

Are you suffering from shoulder, hip or back pain/pressure? No problem! You can relax on the pillow in a birthing position to be more comfortable. It may even increase blood flow and reduce the possibility of having a C-section in some women.

The Amazon description says the following:

“Helps relieve your back/shoulder pain – Our patented design allows gravity to kick in to decompress your spine & help relieve pain during pregnancy

Finally get rest, relieve stress – Studies show that better sleep can decrease stress

Helps reduce C-sections & painful labor – Research shows laying on the belly with raised hips & lowered legs helps move the baby to the optimal birthing position (head down) [sic].”

The Cozy Bump also talks about the benefits of similar practices prior to birth:

“The Cozy Bump Swaddle is similar to the traditional Mexican and Guatemalan fabric called ‘Rebozo’,” they claim. “The Robozo has been used for thousands of years to help with back discomfort. The Cozy Bump is similar to the Rebozo in that it helps the belly from pulling on the back”

A baby swaddle, inflate valve and deflate opening are included but you should bring your own pump.

You can also purchase it as a gift set from the Cozy Bump website. It comes with a pregnancy tape, inflator and a massage ball roller.

It’s time to end the discomfort of stomach sleeping. This is a huge step in the right direction.

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