You can now buy a ‘half Christmas tree’ that protects your decorations from cats

Christmas is a fun time of year but one of the worst aspects of this holiday has to do with the decorations. We all like to dress up our homes and make them look nice but our cats do not view Christmas in the same way. They are more likely to teat the decorations down than to admire them. Argos has finally decided to put an end to this long national nightmare.

This retailer has created the perfect Christmas tree for cat owners. They are “half” Christmas trees and their special design keeps cats at bay like few trees have in the past. Now, you no longer have to worry about your low hanging ornaments. Your cat will be wondering why they are out of reach but that is no longer your concern, now is it?

Cats are too playful for their own good sometimes and that is why they need to be saved from themselves before it is too late. Instead of waiting for your cat to inevitably topple over the tree or tear down ornaments, let Argos make your Christmas brighter. As an added bonus, this tree also offers plenty of extra space for stacking up presents.

Even if you do not have a cat and you are a bit tight on space, these trees can work wonders. They are also very cheap and can be had for a mere pittance. If you are someone who would rather choose something a little more distinctive, they have a “snow covered” option as well. This tree looks stunningly realistic, doesn’t it?

We might just get one for our own home. Festive shoppers from all over the world can enjoy these trees and we certainly recommend them to any pet owner who is fed up of cleaning up after their feline’s mischief. The best part of all? Watching your cat’s sad face when they realize that their days of climbing your Christmas tree and messing up your decor have come and gone.

If your feline is messing up your holiday celebrations, it is time to put a stop to these behaviors once and for all. These animals can no longer destroy the trees that we have taken the time to put together. Some cats may view these trees as a challenge, though. Pet owners beware! Please pass this story along to your closest friends and loved ones so that they can enjoy the benefits of these trees.

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