Carrie Underwood Sucks Helium Out Of Balloon And Sings “Happy Birthday” To Her Son

Carrie Underwood no longer has to sing for anyone. Those days of her life are over. While she is still known to rock the house from time to time, she has been more focused on motherhood. The country music superstar has settled down with former NHL star Mike Fisher and the two spend lots and lots of time with their little boy. When his birthday rolled around, Carrie had an awesome idea.

Of course, readers are probably hoping to check out a stirring performance of the Happy Birthday Song. Perhaps she provided the little boy with a soulful balladeer’s rendition? Or maybe she broke out the piano for something a bit more classy? When you see the idea that Carrie landed on, you will not be able to stop laughing. This performance is out of the world.

She is not going to win a Grammy for this one but we are enjoying this performance nonetheless. Her son Isaiah loves the Muppets and they decided on a Muppet theme for his big day. He even got to enjoy a cake that was designed to look like Kermit The Frog. When it came time to sing the song that everyone was waiting to hear, Carrie came up with a brilliant idea.

Grabbing a nearby helium balloon, she prepared for the performance of a lifetime. Carrie sucked the helium in and began to sing. It was immediately obvious that this was not going to be the usual birthday. Fortunately for us, we are now being given the chance to witness this impromptu performance. Mike is definitely enjoying himself quite a bit and we cannot blame him.

He can be heard laughing off camera. Isaiah was completely transfixed. How was Mommy creating that voice? It did not sound at all like how his mother usually sounds. All he knew was that she loved him very much and that she wanted him to have the best day possible. Once his mother was done singing, he made a beeline for the balloons, too.

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Happy birthday Isaiah????!!

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Isaiah wanted to get in on the act and sound like a chipmunk himself. This birthday celebration has definitely touched our hearts. If you are as moved as we are, be sure to share this story today. This is one starlet who definitely knows how to have a good time. We wish this loving family all of the best in the years to come!

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