Cat Caught On Camera Comforting Anxious Rescue Dog While Mom Is Away

Those of us who battle with anxiety on an everyday basis know just how hard this process can be. It is draining and people are not always as understanding as they should be. Having a close friend nearby who knows how to comfort us is very important. That is what makes this story such an adorable one. Joule is a dog who experiences these same struggles.

She does not like to be left by herself. This is something that her loving mother Brenna tries her best to accommodate. Joule has always been something of an anxious dog and her mother is as understanding as possible. She took her to a behavior specialist and did everything in her power to make the dog’s life better. At her heart, Joule is still something of a “Velcro dog”.

This is the name that Brenna has come up with for the pup. Joule is a beloved member of the family but she is not the only animal that the family has decided to take in. They have also adopted an adorable kitten. His name is Kelvin and he loves to cuddle up with his sister Joule. The two became fast friends and get along famously.

The funniest part of all? The animals were actually named Socks and Sandals before they were adopted. How ironic is that? That is the type of coincidence that you cannot make up. Brenna knew that the two were pals but she never could have predicted how close they would eventually become. She finally decided to set up a household security camera.

This would allow her to keep a close watch on the fur babies while she was at work. She was also privy to one of the most adorable things that we have ever seen. The anxious dog was struggling without her mother. Joule was suffering from separation anxiety and her brother instinctively knew that she needed his help to get through the hard times.

That is why he cuddled up directly next to her and let her know that she was not alone. Sometimes, a simple gesture like this one can mean the world to an animal that is scared. If you would like to check out this awesome video and find out more about the comfort that Kelvin had to offer, be sure to take a closer look at the link below!

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