Cat With No Nose Is Looking For A Forever Home

Cats have a number of awesome qualities. They are lovable. They are reliable. Felines also tend to remain cool, calm and collected. While they have been known to bring their owners some unwanted grief, these animals are some of the most adorable creatures known to man. Sadly, there are a multitude of cats that find themselves without a proper place to sleep each year.

They are abandoned by cruel owners who are not willing to take care of them any longer. The cat in this story is a bit different from all of the rest, though. He’s got one very distinctive feature…or lack thereof. The poor kitty does not have a nose! Dave is also 14 years old. It is tough for senior cats in his age group to find forever homes for a host of obvious reasons.

He resides in England right now. The good folks at Bath Cats and Dogs Home have offered him a home. They are happy to have him but they are doing their best to find a forever home for the poor fellow. The cat’s nose was removed as part of an operation that took place a few years ago. Dave needed to have a tumor removed. He’s in perfect health but his imperfection is too much for people to look past.

Rachel Jones is one of his best friends at the shelter. In her words, he just wants to “live the rest of his years in peace and quiet” and we can relate. Who wouldn’t enjoy some much needed peace and quiet? This senior cat definitely has the right idea. The worst part of all is that no one is turning away Dave for a sound reason. He does not require any additional care.

No specialized treatment is required because of the changes that have been made to his sniffer. All he needs is a quiet and relaxed home to call his own. Will someone be willing to overlook this cat’s unique appearance and offer him a place to stay? How can anyone say no to that face? We wish that we were in England right now, to be honest.

In the meantime, please share this story with your friends and loved ones. With any luck, Dave will have the chance to find the home that he deserves soon enough. We wish him all of the best! If you know anyone in England, don’t hesitate to contact the rescue.

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