Cat With Rare Condition Changes Colors In Front Of Her Owner’s Eyes

Nicole Böhm came across a set of kittens on a German farm a few years back and while she knew that she would change their lives forever, she never could have expected what would happen next. One of the animals would eventually ditch their original look. What she landed on happened to be a bit more interesting and her mother was absolutely stunned.

Elli the cat is already a stunner as is. Her tuxedo coat allowed her to stand out and her sister had a coat that was very similar. Not long after the birth, Elli’s appearance started to change. Her fur was solid black initially. After awhile, Nicole started to notice a series of flecks. She decided to take the cat to the vet’s office, so that she could be on the safe side.

The diagnosis that she received was a surprising one. At it turns out, the animal had vitiligo, a rare condition that causes the loss of pigmentation. Most readers probably associate this condition with humans but as it turns out, animals can be diagnosed with it as well. Elli did not have any other conditions to worry about and the animal is otherwise healthy.

As time went on, the cat’s appearance started to change even more. What were once a few small flecks would soon become something entirely different. Her appearance changed and the black portions of her fur started to turn fully white. Nicole says that she was surprised when the transformation first started to occur and that she remains shocked.

Her appearance had changed to the point where she looked like a whole new cat. She has not allowed her transformation to change her kind demeanor, though. Elli is still the same sweetheart that she was when Nicole first brought her home. Elli’s sister did not experience the same change as her sibling but they are still the very best of friends.

We just hope that Elli remains healthy and happy. The black markings on the cat’s face are expected to remain, even as her fur continues to whiten. The changes continue to occur on a daily basis and this family is very happy to experience them together. If this story touched you as much as it did us, please be sure to share it with your closest friends and loved ones. Those who would like to keep up with Elli in the future are more than welcome to follow her on Instagram.

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