Charmin Introduces a ‘Forever Roll’ That Will Last for Up to An Entire Month

We make more purchasing decisions on a weekly basis than most of us consider possible. It includes everything from the type of cheese we will have in the refrigerator to the shirt we plan on wearing over the weekend. Toilet paper is also something that fits into that category and Charmin is now offering something that is well worth considering.

When looking at the toilet paper in the grocery store, do you ever get confused over the jumbo, double and mega roll options? After all, who wants to do math when they are standing in the paper goods aisle? That is where the this ‘Forever Roll’ comes in. It is a supersized roll of toilet paper that is designed to last for an entire month.

It isn’t exactly a new idea. Originally, it was named the ‘Freedom Roll’. It was renamed, but the idea behind it is the same. It comes in either a multiuser or single-user size and it is so large, you need to prop it up with a metal stand or a wall mount. It is two-ply with 92 square feet on the single user roll and 185 square feet on the multiuser roll.

The starter kit is available for $29.97. It comes with three rolls of TP and the stand or holder. You can also purchase them separately.

Some people are considering this to be a gag gift, but it may end up being a lifesaver in certain circumstances. The Charmin website is also telling customers they should be singing the ‘Shiny Hiney’ song while they are using it. You can buy it online and have it delivered.

The reviews are in and people love the product. Considering the fact that you don’t have to change the roll for weeks, it makes it very convenient. In addition, you only have to have that conversation about the proper way to hang a TP roll once a month.

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