Chiropractor Warns: Don’t Sleep On Your Right Side

It probably comes as no surprise that 40 percent of the nation’s population does not get enough sleep at night. When we do not receive enough sleep, we leave ourselves open to any number of additional health problems. Blood pressure will rise and it becomes much harder to shed weight. But did you know that the manner in which we sleep can also have a negative effect?

Senior therapist Kevin Wade is urging everyone to take a closer look at the way that we are sleeping. Even those of us who are getting the proper amount of rest each night are placing themselves in a potentially precarious position from a health standpoint. Those who sleep on their right side are keeping themselves from experiencing the most restful sleep possible.

Dr. John Douillard works as a chiropractor and a sleep expert. His findings align with Wade’s teachings. He believes that patients who choose to sleep on their left side will experience a far greater level of health than those who do not. Digestive issues are far more likely to take place in these instances. The stomach and pancreas function much more smoothly if we sleep on our left side.

Heart health is also affected by the way that we sleep. The heart is located on our left side and it behooves us to change our sleeping patterns accordingly. By doing so, this allows the blood to flow much more smoothly. Those who are looking to reduce the level of stress that they are placing on their heart would do well to consider making a change.

Pregnant women are also urged to sleep on their left side in order to ensure the health of their unborn child. Removing as much pressure from the back as possible is very important. Sleeping on the left side also keeps pregnant women from potentially developing spinal issues. Those who snore may also want to switch to sleeping on their left side, for their partner’s sake.

Before we go to sleep, it is always best to avoid light, keep a clear head and be sure to monitor our eating and drinking habits. Our sleeping habits may not be something that we actively analyze but the experts who make it their business to do so are here to provide us with valuable advice. Pass this story along to your friends and loved ones to increase awareness about these important matters.

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