Classmates Secretly Spend 1,500 Hours Making Braille Yearbook For Blind Teen

RJ Sampson is a young man who enjoys going to school. The problem is, he runs into difficulty sometimes because he is visually impaired. One of the things that he has never been able to enjoy because of his disability is reading the school yearbooks.

When he was finishing up his freshman year, he talked to a study hall teacher and asked a simple question as he was leaving for the year.

“When are you going to make me a braille Yearbook?”

Leslie Thompson was his teacher who heard the suggestion but she didn’t think it could be done. It already took an enormous amount of work for the regular yearbooks to be produced and a braille version would add a lot of work on the students.

The years continued to pass and, although RJ remained hopeful, his classmates were not able to produce what he wanted.

Then came his senior year and it seemed as if everything came together nicely.

Leslie, the yearbook committee and the vision team spent over 1500 hrs. producing a special yearbook for RJ and he had no clue.

You can see the editor in chief of the yearbook committee standing up before the student body and making an announcement that RJ is never going to forget in this video:

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