Cockatoo Caught-On-Camera Removing Anti-Nesting Spikes And Throwing Them Away

A very brazen little cockatoo has been caught on camera tearing down some anti-nesting spikes on the ledge of a shopping center.

The footage was captured in Katoomba, Australia, and shows the bird making it clear how he feels about the anti-nesting spikes while it very methodically removes them with its beak before tossing them to the ground, freeing up space for other birds to come hangout on the ledge. 

As the camera zooms out, it’s clear that the bird was a very busy little guy, having removed quite a number od the spikes.

The video was posted to Facebook by Isaac Sherring-Tito, who very aptly titled it, “f**k the police.” Since posting, the video has been viewed more than two million times. It has also acquired many comments from people who were impressed by the bird’s rebellious attitude.

One commentator wrote, “The trail of destruction is magnificent.”

A second commented, “As an Aussie, I feel inordinately proud of this bird’s attitude and hard work.”

Most people have praised the bird for being “f***ing cool” and have made suggestions that the guy filming the clip helps hide the evidence.

On Twitter, someone also made the claim that they had their own encounter with the bird, joking that it was a “liar and a thief.”

This isn’t the first bird to make headlines for being bad. Last month a retiree spoke out about how he and his wife became prisoners in their own home following aggressive seagull attacks on them every time they tried to leave their house.

Roy and Brenda Pickard were confined to their home for a whole six days after two baby seagull chicks made themselves at home in the canopy above their front door. While that might sound harmless, it took a sinister turn – the seagull parents appeared every time Roy or Brenda opened their front door and tried to leave.

Roy, 77, from Knott End, Lancashire, even landed in the hospital after one of the gulls hit him so hard on the back of the head that he was left bleeding.

Roy said, “The whole thing has been terrible. I’ve not been able to go out of the front door. If I try to get out of the door, the two adult birds are right there, and I’ve got no chance. It’s genuinely frightening.”

Thankfully, a local radio station heard about the story and came to the couple’s rescue by fitting them with a gazebo outside their door, which meant they could finally leave their house safely until the seagull chicks grew up and moved away.

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