Cop Sees Mom Breastfeeding Her 3-Week-Old Daughter In Back Of Parked Car And Gives Her A Ticket

Guillermina Rodriguez is a mother of four children who spends a lot of time in Manhattan. Her youngest is a 3-week old baby girl and driving the kids around the city can be stressful, to say the least.

She was recently stuck in a traffic jam for almost an hour and the baby girl started to cry. She knew that she was hungry so she took the opportunity to pull over and feed her. It was a stressful situation but she wanted to do what she could to take care of her child.

When she saw a spot available, she pulled in and made sure that her car was safely parked in a commercial zone. The parking space was metered and she hopped in the back to the car with her daughter to nurse her.

Within a few minutes, she saw a police officer and tow truck outside of the SUV. He didn’t see her in the backseat and he was moments away from towing the vehicle.

She honked her horn to get his attention and was happy when she found out he wasn’t going to tow the vehicle. What surprised her is that he still gave her a ticket.

She didn’t understand the punishment so she showed the officer her baby, who was nursing.

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