Costco Is Now Selling A Giant Donut With Pink Icing That’s Covered In M&M’s And Sprinkles

How often do you go to Costco? For many people, it is a regular part of their weekly shopping chores. After all, they have so much that you need in your life and plenty of things you would love to have in your life as well. Perhaps they are best known for offering bulk items and now, they are offering a single item in bulk that you are going to love. The best part is that you can find it in the bakery section.

The hardest part of walking through Costco is walking past the cookies, muffins, and cakes without filling your cart. If you happen to live in Australia, it just got even harder. After all, they are selling a giant donut covered in pink icing and lots of good stuff.

If you happen to be a donut lover, this is one you are not going to miss. As was mentioned, it has lovely icing with plenty of M&M’s and sprinkles stuck in for good measure. You will also like knowing that it weighs almost 2 pounds, so there is enough to share (or not). You might even want to use it as a cake if you have an occasion that calls for celebrating.

Costco didn’t exactly roll out the red carpet for this donut but on social media, people are going nuts. One user on Twitter said if they were available in his area, it would “put Tim Horton’s out of business in a week”, while another simply encouraged the internet to “BEHOLD MY GIANT DONUT”. We know that Twitter tends to go overboard but I think we get the point.

Internet fans might be a little disappointed that the rollout of the new donut isn’t happening anywhere. Initial reports say that it is confined to Costco locations in Australia. In other words, you will have to cough up more than $15.99 AUD if you want one in the states. Give it some time. If social media is any indication, you will have it coming to a Costco near you soon.

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