Couple Diving Hear Guide Yell ‘Get In’ As Camera Captures Moment 20 Killer Whales Swarm Them

Watch the terrifying moment when 20 killer whales swarmed this couple on their dive trip.
A Florida couple, Laura and Rich Howard, decided to celebrate their love by embarking on a dive trip to the coast of La Paz in Mexico. Never in their life could they have imagined the terrifying turn of events that would shock them to their bones.

While they were happily enjoying the coral reefs in the deep waters their instructors suddenly signaled for them in near panic to return to the boat immediately.

Even without knowing what was happening the couple trusted their instructor and quickly returned to the boat. Within seconds of getting back on the boat they spotted a group of killer whales rapidly speeding toward them. Laura had the whereabouts to immediately pull out a flip cam and start recording what transpired next. The amazing video quickly went viral and once you see the footage you will understand why.

20 killer whales appeared out of nowhere and quickly circled around the boat. Even when the boat started to speed up to get out of the way of the giant killer whales, the group followed the boat tracking them in the wake of their boat.

While the whales were chasing the boat they were jumping and spinning seemingly out of joy. Watch the amazing footage and decide for yourself.

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