Couple Switches Which Side Of The Bed They Sleep On And It’s Making People Uncomfortable

We all have certain quirks and for the most part, we tend to keep them to ourselves or, at the very least, we keep them within the family. Steve is somebody with an unusual quirk but people are there to tell him that he is wrong for doing it. It has to do with the way he and his wife sleep at night and nobody seems to be able to tell him why what he is doing is wrong.

Humans tend to be creatures of habit and we do love to debate, especially when our personal likes and dislikes are in the ring. Many of those arguments are fueled by social media and we just want to get the backing of our peers or perhaps even those that we have never met before.

When we make a decision, right or wrong, it is what we want to live with personally. It’s what makes us happy or perhaps it is just something that makes us comfortable. As an example, we may stay in a relationship because it is convenient or we may drive the same way to and from work every day, even when other options are available.

It is something else that we may never consider doing is swapping sides of the bed with our significant other. We might be afraid that it is going to throw our relationship in the chaos but is that true?

Steve decided to cross that line.

When he revealed that they don’t sleep on the same side of the bed every night, people immediately had their minds blown.

Perhaps you have alternated the side of the bed that you sleep on every once in a while. It may be a matter of convenience but typically, it is for the long term. Steve and his significant other, on the other hand, do it as a free-for-all and every night could be different.

Sometimes when you are in an argument it is best to back down but Steve made the mistake of speaking up. He went on to mention the people don’t have a favorite area of the couch or a particular seat that they sit in at the dinner table. Before long, people were getting more uncomfortable.

Some people said that others were just being jealous and that is why they were arguing but others were not quite so willing to let well enough along.

People just couldn’t seem to wrap their heads around how Steve didn’t have a preference, regardless of whether he was sitting or lying at home. It seems as if he just doesn’t care where he lands, as long as he land somewhere.

Before long, the logical side of things begin to come out. People talked about the logistics of switching from one side of the bed to another along with all of your ‘stuff’. Things just weren’t going well for Steve.

If people had their minds blown before, this really put them over the edge. They couldn’t imagine how anyone would not have a predetermined spot for their body and for the rest of their stuff.

That is when the question about the pillows came up and Steve was quick to provide the honest answer.

Some were thinking that moving the pillows back and forth was just too much work before bedtime.

All in all, it was an interesting reader. There were so many people asking the same questions and he finally had enough and address them in the best way that he could.

Right or wrong, that’s the way it is in Steve’s house.

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