Dad put his daughter up for adoption 24 years ago, finds out they both have been working at the same place


While most of us have dreamed about having children at the proper time in life, there are moments when we are given this blessing before we are truly ready to receive it. The father in this story was merely a child himself when he had a baby girl and he was also in the throes of a serious addiction to alcohol.

Baby Amy needed a father who was ready to accept her into his life and place her needs first and Will Russell decided that he was unfit for the task. This is not a decision that he took lightly and while he was never able to remove it from his mind, he would one day receive the surprise of a lifetime.

In the years following the adoption, Will found himself drawn to volunteer work and he began to donate his time to the Phoenix Rescue Mission organization. After working for awhile as a volunteer at the organization, he would eventually transition into a full time ministry position.

In 2013, Amy started the process of finding her biological family. She used social media as a means of locating one of her siblings and from there, she received Will’s phone number. While she was nervous about contacting him, she swallowed her anxiety and made the call.

When the father and daughter finally met over breakfast, Will broke down and told her about his struggles with alcoholism and how they led him into a life of ministry. After a lengthy and meaningful conversation, he told her that he needed to leave in order to serve food at the mission.

What happened next has to be seen in order to believed, so be sure to check out this amazing and astonishing video to find out more. Once you’ve picked your jaw up off the floor, take a moment to share this clip with your friends and family on Facebook.

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