Dad Wears Daughter’s Super Short Shorts To Teach Her A Lesson

The news out of Florida is sure to make parents everywhere cheer. A father from Orlando saw the clothes his 14-year-old daughter was wearing in school and knew he couldn’t stand quietly by and say nothing. He put on a pair of super short shorts to teach her a lesson in modesty.

Today reported that Jason Hilley surprised his daughter Kendall and son, Walker by sporting a pair of Daisy Duke shorts. He made them himself, cutting up a pair of perfectly good jeans to make his point.

The 39-year-old father decided not to keep things to himself. He shared it with the world by posting the interaction on Facebook. It included a video, filmed by Alison, his wife. It was shared on facebook with the caption: “you wear yours out in public? I will wear mine! Parenting 101″

Posted by Jason Hilley on Wednesday, June 12, 2019

The video shows Hilley walking into his daughter’s room to make his point clear. The short shorts his daughter was wearing were inappropriate.

He said, “Kendall, we have to talk,” as he walked into her room.

He also wanted her to put on her short shorts to pose for a picture. It took some convincing but she finally bit the bullet and did it. The father-daughter moment was shared on Facebook as well.

You wear yours out in public? I will wear mine! Parenting 101! Alison Wasson Hilley

Posted by Jason Hilley on Wednesday, June 12, 2019

“I’m picking her up from school with these on,” Hilley said.

Alison was also asked who was wearing the shortest shorts. She laughed and proclaimed it a tie.

Kendall said, “These aren’t even that short” in the video. Hilley replied with, “No, neither are mine.” It wasn’t long before the entire family was laughing.

Once the video and pictures were posted online, it gained traction quickly. Many people were praising Hilley for stepping up to the plate and going the distance with his parenting skills.

The post has been shared more than 230,000 times with 10,000 comments and 20,000 reactions. The video was also viewed some 43,000 times.

According to Today, the entire episode started when his daughter wore short shorts. He asked her to use his credit card and buy shorts of an appropriate length.

“I said, ‘Kendall, take my debit card and buy yourself shorts that fit,’” Hilley said. She did but he still saw her leaving the house wearing her old shorts and that led to confusion.

When he asked why she wasn’t wearing the new shorts she bought, she let him know that they were the new shorts. It turns out that she wasn’t buying modest shorts, she just bought a new pair of short shorts.

Hilley could have thrown a fit and started yelling or doling out punishments but he decided to handle it a different way. In the end, he got his point across using humor in the process. He admits that his kids are not ones to get embarrassed. “Kendall is a cheerleader and asks me to do routines with her in our front yard. It’s quite a sight.”

Even though she might not have been embarrassed, she got the point. You can easily see it in the video.

“We joke around a lot, but Kendall knows when my jokes are serious,” Hilley told Today. “Kids will be kids and try to push the limits. That’s when I step in and try to correct the behavior with a little bit of humor. You don’t have to yell and scream and punish to get a point across.”

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